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We not only strive to be the largest clan but also to become the most feared and the most respected clan on Dueling Network.

    How to Join the clan


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    How to Join the clan

    Post by (Spark) Omega on Thu May 19, 2016 1:42 am

    Joining the (Spark) clan will not be an easy task. Below are the necessary steps in joining or becoming eligible to join the clan.

    1.) You MUST have a valid Dueling Network account - This means that you cannot be on someone else's account to use for the initial testing.

    2.) If you are interested in joining the clan, you MUST message (Spark) Omega and you will be entered into the waiting list for the recruiting section of the clan. (Spark) 666 will then message you once you are in the recruiting section and then you are to WAIT for him to message you again. Do not keep messaging him to be tested.

    3.) When you are messaged by (Spark) 666, you are required to face him in a 2 out of 3 match. If you succeed in beating (Spark) 666 you MUST complete a basic yugioh test and MUST finish it within 30 minutes. After you do, you are to message (Spark) 666 and tell him that you are finished. You are to then wait for a reply back from (Spark) 666. If you are in, either the founder, (Diablo) 666 or (Spark) 666 will message you and assign you your rank. If you do not succeed in beating (Spark) 666, you must wait one week before applying for the specific position you are looking for.

    As always I hope to see new members in the (Spark) clan and if not I hope you give (Spark) 666 all you've got.


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